Tantalize your taste buds at the Market.

The Camarillo Farmers Market is a real farmers market, with a “grow it, raise it, make it or bake it” standard. Know your farmer; know your food. Meet our best farmers, bakers and artisans at the Camarillo Farmers Market and enjoy the very finest in locally-produced goods every Saturday.


The Camarillo Farmers Market has something to satisfy any craving. This is the place to find artisanal delicacies such as rich pastries, breads, bold coffee, mouth-watering sausages, delicious tamales, and so much more! It’s all freshly made in local kitchens with quality ingredients. Come to the market and taste the difference!

Beaucoup  Beanery

We sell curated, freshly roasted, premium,  single origin coffee.

Bliss Street Baked Goods

Deya Jacob is the founder, owner, and baker for Bliss Street Baked Goods. Deya believes that when you order a treat for a special event, it should really be special! She doesn’t believe in baking sugar bombs, where all you taste is sweet. Her Lebanese heritage influences her baking; she likes to mix in spices, nuts, and fruit so that the end result is a balanced treat that is fun to eat and also interesting and unique. Be sure to shop early – her goodies go fast!

We are a family owned business that specializes in Mediterranean Dips and Spreads, our goal is to provide our customer with healthy and delicious food.

Cup My Cakez

Established since 2006, my small business provides the grooviest and tas5est 100% vegan, gluten free and naturally dyed vintage-inspired cakes, cookies, brownies around. In 2020 I had my first baby, took a necessary break and have recently relocated my family + business to start fresh in Camarillo. Hoping our allergen-friendly treats keep you coming back for more and keep us here in Ventura County!

France Cafe LLC


Organic breads, bread pudding and cookies.

With a pen in one hand and an icing bag in the other, Ilana K. Levinsky creates a delicious fusion between writing and baking. Ilana weaves family history into her gripping historical novels spanning England, Israel, and South Africa. As a children’s author, she ignites young minds with a colorful array of topics—from the woes of having no friends to the joys of daydreaming and even the enchanting world of sweets. With each tale and every sugar stroke, Ilana creates worlds of wonder, inviting readers and sweet enthusiasts alike to savor the magic of creativity and taste. Ilana’s A-cups offers a diverse range of designs to suit every occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, a holiday, or simply want to add a touch of sweetness to your day, her sugar cookies are tailor-made to fit your theme. She uses a vibrant palette of colors, combined with the expert use of piping bags and nozzles to create edible embellishments that transform cookies into edible art.



Kettlestone has partnered with the Camarillo Farmers Market for the past 13 years. Every Saturday, they hand out samples of their dips, which include such spicy offerings, like the red pepper hummus and spicy habañero hummus, along with cooler dips and feta cheese. They also have freshly made pita chips and pita bread. The owners have one ambition, to make the best hummus ever. Their hummus is free from preservatives and additives. Stop by and have a sample – you’ll be hooked!

La Vita Kitchen


We are a mother and daughter owned business. La Vita is a kitchen that strives to bring forth to your table fresh and fine ingredients that will help you shorten your kitchen time with our hand crafted gourmet salsas. We are an accessory food intended to make your meals better. Whether meal prepping or topping a classic dish our freshly made salsas and dips will be the best addition to your meals.

Meet long-time Camarillo Farmers Market vendor The Lucky Lab. Their gourmet dog treats are handmade with love. Their snacks and treats are made with the finest human grade ingredients, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, and NO animal by-products. They also offer gluten-free and wheat-free treats. Jennifer and Mark are happy to talk with you anytime about their products or to take special orders. Visit their website for more information and to meet their four legged tasting team!

Mr. Corn Tamales


Hector has made his amazing tamales for the Market for 18 years. He offers chicken, beef, pork, and cheese tamales. He doesn’t use lard or preservatives – and everything is fresh, fresh, fresh! Need something special for a holiday event? Hector is happy to supply tamales for your special event.

My Sage Gourmet’s organically grown seasoning blends are equally delicious on meats, poultry, fish, and veggies. They make excellent marinades and rubs too.Their eclectic blends are bursting with freshly harvested herbs.  Find them online and in some specialty food stores too!

Santa Barbara Channel Seafood Co.

Meet Karla and Miguel Franco from Santa Barbara Channel Seafood Company. Miguel and Karla have a combined 45 years in the seafood business. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Miguel’s contacts with local fishermen are key to building a loyal customer base. A total of five family members and many friends make up the fishing team. As family-owned business, when you buy from Santa Barbara Channel Seafood Company you are supporting American jobs — locals within our community. Stop by their booth for some of the freshest, local seafood available!

Sweet Ruth


Sweet Ruth is a mother-daughter team of bakers from Camarillo. Mama Ruth started this home-based business after early retirement as a caregiver due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using her experiences as a caterer in Indonesia, where she is originally from, Mama Ruth decided to share her favorite Indonesian cookies with the local community. The cookies and other favorite treats (chocolate mochi filled with chocolate ganache and Hong Kong-style sweet bread called Pineapple Buns) make up the current menu.

Topanga’s Finest Jerky

Meet Naomi (The Jerky Mama) and Joey Benghiat (Smokin’ Joe) from Topanga’s Finest Gourmet Gluten Free Jerky. Please take the time to stop by their booth this weekend to sample all of their flavors. Topanga’s Finest began as a labor of love … Naomi’s love for beef jerky. She purchased a dehydrator and began making her own recipes. She would share it with their friends. Pretty soon, they were making a roast every week or two. “I am a sort of junk food junky, so giving my boys a healthy, homemade protein treat rather than cookies or chips was a good thing.” They changed to a gluten free recipe when her son’s friend developed Celiac Disease and educated her about the wheat used in soy sauce. To accommodate him, she changed the recipe to use a gluten free soy sauce. When they started Topanga’s Finest, they figured there might be others who had the same issue, so decided their niche would be to offer strictly gluten free products. They discovered that many people had Celiac Disease and were grateful to be able to consume jerky once again! Topanga’s Finest is committed to giving their customers a healthy protein snack that is free of gluten and tastes great!

Meet Carina and David Mohr from YOUBITE Sausage. YOUBITE is a family business located in Camarillo that produces delicious German sausages. Their specialties range from delicious fresh Bratwursts to smoked Franks to baked bologna. Seasonal specialties extend the product range with refreshing and tasty ideas. All of the YOUBITE products are handcrafted and minimally processed with only the finest ingredients. They only use quality cuts of meat and do not use any MSGs or mechanically separated meat whatsoever. The goal at YOUBITE is to provide excellent quality paired with taste that brings out all the rich flavors associated with juicy, mouthwatering sausages. Give it a go and try their products, German and International specialties and so much more!

Zona Little Italy

All artisan, non-GMO, pastas, pasta sauces, balsamic vinegar, cold cuts, olives, cheeses and more.